Draganfly to showcase three new cutting-edge drone products at upcoming Las Vegas expo

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By Louis Allen - 

Draganfly (CSE: DPRO) has announced it will unveil three of its new cutting-edge drone technologies at the Commercial UAV Expo (CUAV), which takes place from 6 to 8 September at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas.

As the leading international trade show and conference, the CUAV endorses the integration and operation of commercial unmanned aircraft systems.

The company will showcase its new Heavy Lift and Commander 3XL drone, as well as its Long Range LiDAR system, demonstrating its data collection and drone delivery capabilities to onlookers.

Draganfly president and chief executive officer Cameron Chell said the chance to showcase its new products is an exciting opportunity for the company.

“This is a fantastic chance to connect with industry professionals and showcase the innovative technology that the Draganfly team has been developing,” he said.

Based in Saskatoon, Canada, Draganfly provides engineering services and manufactures commercial unmanned vehicle systems and software.

“Draganfly has been at the forefront of drone technology for over 20 years, and our Heavy Lift drone, Commander 3XL drone, and Long Range LiDAR system are just a few examples of how our company continues to push the boundaries of drone capabilities,” Mr Chell added.

Heavy Lift drone

Draganfly’s Heavy Lift drone, in its name, is capable of carrying up to 67 pounds (30kg), while also being able to fly for up to 55 minutes, as a result of its multirotor.

By being able to carry heavier weights and flying for a longer duration, the company’s product enables low-cost and highly efficient automated transportation, while being a cost-effective solution for logistics, operations, and distribution-based entities.

It is also capable of carrying large high-end sensors like hyperspectral and bathymetric LiDAR to carry out surveys, offering the versatility for it to be sold across different sectors.

The Heavy Lift drone has been used by Revived Soldiers Ukraine, a NFP organisation which helps victims impacted by the war, carrying medical supplies and humanitarian aid to the most affected.

It is also boosted by its capability to combat heavy winds and high elevations.

Commander 3XL drone

The company’s Commander 3XL drone is another multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), known for its high-endurance and weather-resistant abilities.

The drone was modelled on Draganfly’s X4-ES drone, which was used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to save a human life back in 2013, using its infrared technology.

It is ideal for those within the public safety and agriculture industries, as it supports automated and manual flight operations.

The drone can stay in the air for up to 50 minutes and is capable of transporting 26lbs (12kg).

Long Range LiDAR system

Draganfly’s Long Range LiDAR system was developed to offer mapping and surveying services across forests, cities, real estate, energy infrastructure, and telecommunications infrastructure, driven by its sensor technology.

It has been used to aid victims through the Ukraine conflicts, to help de-mining efforts, and for discovering anomalies across fields.

The system is compatible with UAVs and helicopters but can also be used on a vehicle or backpack.

The Long Range LiDAR system’s 360-degree, 750-metre laser scanning range (50kHz) comes from its advanced sensors from Teledyne and Applanix, which are able to produce survey-grade point clouds.

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