Blockmate Ventures and Sunified Group to launch world’s first solar token

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By Imelda Cotton - 

Blockmate Ventures Inc (TSX-V: MATE) and renewable energy specialist Sunified Group BV have agreed to jointly launch the world’s first solar token which facilitates solar development and optimisation in a blockchain environment.

The technology leverages off Sunified’s patented solar UNITY sensors and will allow solar energy to be measured, tokenised and sold, leading to both maintenance savings & efficiency gains of over 6%.


With its patented sensors, Sunified collects and manages data from solar panels, addressing significant blind spots within the industry and leading considerable increases in yield as well as the creation of new revenue streams from data and digital offtakes.

Sunified’s Web3 protocol will encrypt, enrich and store solar and photovoltaic production data sets into its blockchain ledger for immutability, allowing reliable decisions to be made.

The platform data can be used as governance for proof of origin relating to carbon credits; tracing solar panels from factory to site, for panel manufacturers; and checking claims of faulty equipment or damage for insurance companies.

Blockmate chief executive officer Justin Rosenberg said the company was pleased to partner with Sunified to list the token.

“Sunified’s technology is the missing link to democratise and therefore unleash what is currently constraining solar energy,” he said.

“It is also our trojan horse to provide an end-to-end solution of solar-as-a-service to solar farm developers, incorporating decentralised and traditional finance.”

Venture creator

Blockmate Ventures is a Web3 incubator and enterprise creator focused on start-ups which plan to utilise blockchain technology and decentralisation.

The company seeds these new opportunities with people, funding, technology and business advice to a point where they can be self-sufficient with their own teams and external capital.

Blockchain companies in Blockmate’s current portfolio include Midpoint (for FX payments), Hivello (Web3 mining) and Blockchain World (green projects (Blockchain World).

Sunified Group

Sunified is working with the European Union’s advocacy group 2Tokens Foundation to enable and drive channels to market.

The company aims to get the world working on 24/7 carbon-free energy and to tag green energies for green molecule production.

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