VIQ Solutions signs multi-year deal to promote Netscribe AI transcription service to India

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By Imelda Cotton - 

Canadian developer VIQ Solutions (TSX: VQS) has signed a multi-year deal with e24 Technologies DBA Transcription Hub (Thub) to provide its NetScribe artificial intelligence-powered technology to transcription companies in India.

Netscribe employs intelligent speech-to-text technology to quickly turn single speaker and multi-speaker recordings into formatted draft documents for review and edit.

VIQ said the product has been proven to optimise documentation workflow and improve turnaround times for transcribing services in verbatim multi-speaker segments such as education, call centres and retail environments.

Thub personnel have used Netscribe for the past year to edit AI-generated transcription drafts – reporting increased efficiencies, decreased turnaround times and higher transcription accuracy.

The new multi-year contract will allow Thub to take its partnership with VIQ “to the next level”.

Gap in global resourcing

VIQ president Susan Sumner said the company was keen to expand its innovative technology to a region where transcription production is essential to fill the gap in global resourcing.

“The transcription services industry is positively responding to the acceleration of AI used to improve efficiency by streamlining content creation,” she said.

“By partnering with Thub, our technology solutions will help transcription companies around the world see the value already realised by the justice, law enforcement and insurance industries that VIQ serves today.”

Automatic speech recognition

Last month, VIQ announced the addition of a new automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to its engine agnostic portfolio to drive improvements in efficiency and diarisation in multi-speaker environments.

Built upon an existing ISO27001-certified secure cloud platform, the cutting-edge technology is expected to raise the bar in AI-based translation and foreign language transcription capabilities.

The proprietary ASR pipeline is designed to improve in accuracy as it learns from the large multi-industry data sets, which VIQ creates, edits and annotates.

VIQ aims to capitalise on commoditised speech-to-text platforms and benefit from rapid advancements offered through commercial and open-source technologies.

The engine-agnostic approach means different hardware and software environments can utilise the best suited and most efficient speech engine based on customer requirements.

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