TraceSafe launches carbon management platform ShiftCarbon

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By Louis Allen - 

TraceSafe (CSE: TSF) has announced the launch of its carbon management platform, ShiftCarbon, which aims to support organisations to fulfil carbon neutrality and netzero goals.

ShiftCarbon is the company’s biggest launch since its release of AllSafe, an award-winning platform for enterprise safety.

TraceSafe chief executive officer Wayne Lloyd said the platform enables organisations to more reliably measure carbon neutrality and net zero efforts.

“Organisations are being driven to decarbonise by all major stakeholders, yet they aren’t able to reliably measure their emissions or access efficient decarbonisation opportunities,” he said.

“With ShiftCarbon, our vision was to offer solutions that would help customers address their immediate needs, irrespective of where they stand in their net zero journey.”

The Vancouver-based tech company shifted its attention towards taking action as investors, governments and customers continue the global call for climate action.

ShiftCarbon features

Through ShiftCarbon, TraceSafe combines the best of technology and services to collect long-term emissions data and credible offset opportunities on a modular platform.

The carbon management platform offers real-time location management services and contract tracing software solutions available for enterprise, venues and government.

ShiftCarbon is said to enable: transparent and credible offset purchases from verified projects across the world; mitigation plans powered by asset level data and insights using sensors and location-aware Internet of Things (IoT); reporting frameworks for compliance and stakeholder engagement; and the measurement of scope one, two and three carbon emissions across the supply chain.

The company aims to announce platform updates for each module in the coming weeks.

Mr Lloyd said with smart innovations, he is confident organisational climate goals can be achieved.

“Leaders who embrace our solution now will be able to drive sustainable growth for their organisations, and a sustainable future for the planet,” he said.

TraceSafe’s new strategic focus

Earlier this year, TraceSafe announced its strategic focus will now be driven by the global call for climate action.

The company launched ThermoSense, a sensor-based approach to sustainable supply chain, which expanded the scope and power of IoT into the world of carbon data capture.

TraceSafe also announced the acquisition of Offsety, a carbon offset marketplace aimed at assisting individuals to reduce their carbon footprint.

These early moves since the company announced its new direction have been capped off by the release of its events emissions calculator to help global sporting events reach net zero faster.

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